Monday Blurb: Walking in from the North

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AngelNow one last try! Here’s my attempt at a Neon Genesis style story–that is, a messed up re-working of Biblical themes, with maybe some odd pseudo-Freudian references.

… yay! I think I’ve won!


Walking in from the North: Chronicles of Adam Kadamon

He came walking in from the North; Adam Kadamon, man born of a fruit upon the last tree, hung between two thieves. But he should never have survived the trek through the winter’s waste. Now come to the Grail, the only city of man, and home to a boy named Cry.

When the two meet in a refugee camp cum quarantine, neither of their lives will be the same. And that may be the end of the world. Because Cry and Adam have an unusual connection—one even God may fear.

Cry suffers from Stigmata–a plague fatal to the city’s youth–stemmed at Adam’s side. While Adam is hounded by the Administration. He doesn’t know his destiny, though the Admin does… and they’ll do anything to secret the truth of the angels at the city’s heart.

Walking in from the North is an anime-inspired novel about the end of the world and the angel of God’s Wrath. It follows his tender love affair and the disaster that follows.

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