Ghost Cow and Other Stories

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So I was asked to write about the ghost cow* this evening, and I thought ‘why not?’

The ghost cow (as I’ve come to develop between returning books at the library) is an avenging animal rights crusader. Eaten by a group of careless omnivores, the cow then visits each in a kind of delicatessen Christmas Carol.

… this is not the worst idea I’ve ever had.

But I probably won’t do anything with this one. And oddly, it isn’t for the reasons you might think.

Looking over the last few weeks of blurbs, it seems my main creative drive is ‘what’s so dumb it can’t work?’ And then bash at it until (I think) it does. Library+punk? Elderly+superhero? Illiterate+poet? Truth is, I think that’s probably the right way to go.

I’ve always liked contrast as a character’s ‘d’être, so why not with plot?

No, the truth is that I think I just have too much dumb to work with at the moment.

… be seeing you!





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