PEW PEW Dragons?

Posted on 22/08/2011 by


So I faced down the rampaging plot monkeys and spent two whole days rearranging the scenes in the third book so that they bear even less resemblance to chronology but hopefully make more sense thematically. Or storyishly anyway.

There should be a better word for that. Actually, there probably is and my brain just doesn’t want to play with me. That’s what happens when you spend forty eight hours bullying it.

It’s quite difficult at the best of times to hold a pattern for a whole book in your head and figure out how it works. It’s like doing math but with words. And this book is not the most straightforward in terms of plot structure. So I was sitting there, trying to figure out what I’m doing, thinking, I need a large blank sheet of paper and a pen. And then being frustrated because my computer wasn’t a large blank piece of paper and a pen. Then Rick pointed out to me that I actually owned a number of pens and could draw on the walls if nothing else came to hand…

After a (completely necessary) pen choosing, drawing paper locating and random doodling interlude I decided to give the plot strands acronyms so I could make notes about them quickly (and to simplify the visual representation of the plot). So the third book can now be summarised as: PEW, WTD, BB, RA, DAR and WOTE.*

Scary looking dragon perched high on a clifftop. Thought bubble closer to the ground that says, 'Pew pew!'

Only not in that order of course. It’s more like WTD – PEW – PEW – PEW – WTD – BB – RA – WOTE… and so on. (And no, there are no cool laser guns in this book despite the pew, pew, pew. And D does not stand for a swear word of any kind. Nor does WTD stand for What The Dragon. Although, to be honest, that wouldn’t be an entirely inappropriate interpretation of that plot strand).

And once I had it laid out like that I was suddenly not surprised that it’s been driving me crazy. Six plot threads in four time frames and more locations than I can even figure out how to count. (I am insane and so is this book. So we’re just going to kill ourselves now. Goodbye.)


* And incidentally figured out the acronyms for the working titles of the first three books are SETHD, TRTH and RON. Ron. Seriously? I named my book Ron?