The Exciting Adventures of Not-Harry and Charles Watson

Posted on 16/08/2011 by


Still haven’t worked out names for the main characters. Can’t keep calling them Not-Harry and Charles Watson, it’s disorienting. Am therefore having discussions like this:

“How about ‘Larry’?”
“You want her to name him after a stooge?”
“My sister’s named after a hobbit…”

I was gonna stick another scrap of it in here cause I just wanted to show you guys a little bit of where my headspace is at right now. And this is so much better than when I’m down the rabbit hole with book three because that is totally spoiler-rific and this is like, not even a book yet. But it’s a bit awkward when I don’t know what my main characters are called. Especially because the placeholder names I’m using are… distracting. I’d prefer you laughed at the text instead of at me weaseling my way out of using their names.

Things I have worked out the last couple of days:
I dream in the present tense.
I haven’t the faintest idea what I’m doing with this probably-a-book.

I’ve been writing pieces of it to trying to figure out what it is exactly and so far I’ve written pieces in two different tenses, from really incompatible POV’s that shift in the middle of scenes, and with absolutely no sense of perspective. Oh God, need to figure out what I’m doing here before I go mad. Oh. Too late then. Did I at least pass GO and collect $200?

If I was at all reasonable I would… yeah, there’s really no point in finishing that sentence.