Hat Man, na na na-na, Hat Man!

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Contrary to what the title suggests, this is not my outing as Perth’s premier superhero Hat-Man (though he is a dashing customer, isn’t he?.. 😉 )

NO! Instead, it is about branding. Branding Bibliotek, much like (hey, a title reference!) I’m trying to do in my personal image, as a new ‘hat man’ (though my BF is doing so much better with that than I am—grrr!) And while this post is particularly about the book itself, the whole idea of PlatformThing being a platform also suggests that what I/we do now, will influence an ongoing, holistic author image.

You may have noticed (or not, if you have the same level of obliviousness as I do) that my Bibliotek posts now come with added ‘Initials.’ Initials (as I’ve come to learn) are those lovely, arty first letters in old books and manuscripts. So a while ago, I had an idea for a title image for the book, which would be a kind of ransom note spelling out ‘Bibliotek’ in these Initial images (looksie below 😉 ), as I was creating that, I thought ‘why not start already?’ Trawl the web looking for goodies. And I have!

While the initial idea (sigh, did I really have to do that?..) had been to do a history of writing and publishing, each letter a different era, it came out more like:

(nice and eclecticy). Now, while I do like this, the perspective bothers me some–though it does POP nicely! Instead, I kept playing, and have some alts:

Pretty much the same deal, but with some minor changes. Maybe thinking to sepia tone one or the other, too? Such as:

Now I want your help, which one works best for you? Or do you have any other opinions?

And now for the inagural blog poll! Whee!

All in all, it’s fun messing with these images (loving my life of leisure… or is it what it seems?)

Paul 😉

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