Am Going To Start Substituting Alcohol For Sleep

Posted on 14/08/2011 by


So apparently it is wizards in space. Well, wizard, anyway. I spent Friday with Paul fighting crime explaining my dreams to him, in a way that by the evening I had this whole world fleshed out in my mind and the characters and the… Every Damn Thing Except the Main Character’s Name, Apparently.

And so this weekend has all been this new book which has been eating my head and associated ridiculosity. I was going to spend it writing what I didn’t write on Thursday. But then it was the weekend and my brain thinks sleep is a funny idea I had one time and… I’m allowed to play hooky?

Seriously there needs to be like six more days in the week. And actual sleep for Kandace’s. Or I’m going to start substituting alcohol for sleep. Or something. Because this is ridiculous.*

Three plush dragons grouped around a mostly empty bottle of Advocat and several shot glasses

I did try, but after Friday my head was not here and my computer kept exploding**, so it all just ended up being science fiction magic systems and flying monkeys and practicing getting drunk.

So now I’m just gah and my brain is whatever. And… this. This is what I’m doing.

“Okay, I want you to imagine, just for a minute, that you are a sensible, rational person. What do you do?”
“Er… Run like hell?”
“Run like hell,” I agreed.
It wasn’t that I was against the hero thing in principle, its just that there are times — like when the bad guys outnumber you three to one and the space station you’re standing on is about to be ripped apart by the results of one of your earlier heroic endeavours — there are times when the thing to do is cut and run.
I turned on my heel and sprinted after him as the roof started coming down around us.


* This is the defining word of the weekend.

** The boys now get recurring choruses of, ‘You are not serious!’ to go with the intermittent, slightly mental giggling.