The End. The End. *dance*

Posted on 18/07/2011 by


In between writing query letters I’ve been writing a synopsis. Where ‘writing’ is composing a sentence and then thinking, ‘well, that’s stupid’, writing another and glaring at it, and then deleting both and starting again.

Which is made worse by the fact that I’ve already done this once. But that was back when the first two books of the series were just one book. And it is surprisingly difficult to write a synopsis and give away the ending of a story that ends in a cliffhanger. I eventually just decided to hang a lantern on it and say, ‘it ends with a question’ so they know I’m not trying to be coy.

Of course I have this horrible feeling that anyone who wants to actually buy the book is going to ask for a synopsis of the rest of the series. And I can give them a strong idea of the first three books, but the last ones are a bit skeletal at the moment. Although I had a conversation with Paul M. in a comic store a few weeks ago that helped to move the plot of book five from a two word summary to the actual shade of a story. So that’s nice. And now I know how the whole thing ends. Which is important. Just knowing that it ends at all is actually quite comforting. Julie (that is, the unreasonably brilliant Julie Czerneda) told me that bringing a story to its conclusion was insanely rewarding, and I think if just seeing the ending is this nice she is probably entirely right.

So now I just have to finesse (read: make saner) the synopsis, tweak the emails and send them on their way. Details, details.

But progress: it is being made! Practically any second I’m going to actually hit send. And promptly collapse into a neurotic ball of jelly (Yes, I have neurotic jelly. What kind do you have?). And maybe tomorrow I can go back to actually writing (and everyone does a dance of joy. Okay, maybe just me. But it’s an exceptionally charming dance of joy).