We’re Live

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Think of this as something like an experiment.*

Yeah, I think that’s a good beginning. My name is Paul McLaughlan, I’m a PhD candidate at Curtin University, studying e-publishing, and I am an Author (cue: ‘welcome Paul,’ Authors Anonymous style).

My intention here at PlatformThing is to put my writing out here, out to you, and see what we can perform together in (w)reading it. As we go on, terms I throw around should become clear, and better defined (at least this is what I keep telling my Supervisor 😉 )

There will be a pattern of what is posted here (under my name at least, my wonderful associate—dare I also say friend?—Kandace, may write you many other strange things.) Each Friday there will be a section of my whole Librarypunk novel Bibliotek, followed with some of my theory and ranting the next week, other fiction and blather. Alternating.

I really do hope we’re going to have fun. I’ve big plans ahead.

Looking forward to hearing from you all,


*Note: Not only an experiment, but an ‘emerging’ one at that. Things will change, and hopefully it’ll end up with a wonderful life all its own (of which I can only hope to be a part of).

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