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Words That Taste Good On Your Tongue

November 29, 2011 by


Claire: Payback. That’s not a nice word. Me: Sure it is. I also enjoy ‘blackmail’ and ‘extortion’. Actually, quite apart from it’s meaning ‘extortion’ is a lovely word. Fun to say. I am unreasonably fond of whole groups of words for the sound of them alone, the taste of them on the tongue, the way […]

Do You Ever Do That Thing Where You’re Looking at a Word or Hearing a Word And All of a Sudden it Ceases to Have Meaning?*

November 14, 2011 by


You’re staring at this bizarre combination of syllables and thinking, What is that even? How is that supposed to convey anything? Why are those sounds or letters in that order? That’s not even language. Which, I suppose, is fair. After all language is only words or letters that convey meaning. In that moment they don’t […]