Sometimes Cereal Boxes Even Have Puzzles

Posted on 26/08/2014 by


Two people are sitting at the breakfast table when a third comes in and greets them. Person 3 says to Person 1, "Are you reading the ingredient list of that milk carton?" (She is.) Person 1 says, "Yep. I forgot to bring a book down and I'm too lazy to get it and I have to have SOMETHING to read, after all." Person 2 eyes Person 1 sidelong. Person 3 says, "Ah, ok." Person 2 says, "Don't tell me you agree with what she's doing." Person 3 says, "Of course not." Person 2 says, "Good." Person 3 says, "The back of the cereal box makes much more interesting reading material." Person 1 turns around, "Ooo. Can I borrow that when you're done with it?"


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