I Sports. You Sports. We All Sports, Sports, Sports… What?

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I’m going to watch a sport thing on Saturday to try to discover if I actually like it or if I simply enjoy listening to people I know tell me cool stories about it. (They know where my weaknesses are.) I suspect, as I have never watched an entire game, that it’s the second. But I suppose we shall see. In the meantime, I guess it’s possible I should consider learning the rules. Well, some of them. Maybe. The important ones. Don’t want to get carried away.

VectorBelly comic featuring a (probably) journalist and a (maybe) football player. Journalist says, "You were sportsing pretty hard out there. A lot of sports happened. Why do you think you lost?" The player says, "We sportsed our best and scored points, but the other team was sportsing, too, and they scored even more points." The journalist asks, "What's your strategy for the next match?" The player, gesturing emphatically, says, "We need to stop the other team form scoring points while we ourselves score many points." The journalist says, "Now back to the studio for ten hours of sports analysis." The player says, "My income is higher than most countries."


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