Balance is What Stops You Falling on Your Face, Right?

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Okay, so this is embarrassing. One of the tabs I just finished dealing with. One of the ones that was open. Not re-opened from bookmarks or anything. One in my current ‘do something about this’ tab group. Was from 2 January 2013.

Yes. When I said I hadn’t finished my admin stuff from the first week of last year I was not in any way kidding.

I may have mentioned that I was spending the first couple work weeks of this year dealing with (as opposed to drowning in) the backlog of admin things I needed to deal with. So I read research papers. I paid membership fees. I emptied my inbox. I filed conference notes. I organised my bookmarks. Cleared my RSS feeds.

And I went through the tabs I had open in my browser, dealt with them, and closed them, one by one. That was the hardest part.

Generally if I leave a tab open it’s because it’s about something really interesting. Most often it’s research of some kind. A paper or an article about some breakthrough in science, speculation about some invention or about how the universe works that made me think: Hey, that’s cool. If you extrapolate from there you get tech that… And then I’m off down the rabbit hole with a story. Which is great! That’s the point of it all. The problem arises when I don’t have time to go to Wonderland right then.

So I put it aside. Leave the tab open to get to later. To finish reading. To follow that thought. To make the notes I need. To do the further research I want to. Track the sources. You know.

Except the next day there’s another article.

Oh god, that one was from Dec 17 2012. Ack. That’s one’s from November. This is just sad.

I know for a fact that I closed down every tab I have before I went travelling in August 2012. But I am just now learning a darker truth. The backlog that built up while I was gone on that trip… well, some of it I still haven’t dealt with.

It’s times like this I consider declaring internet-related bankruptcy. But then my eyes land on the next tab and — that is such a neat idea! So I don’t. I won’t. But at this point I either need a machete or a new plan of attack.

I think the answer is balance. Say it with me now: Balance. Sounds good, right? I think it’s going to work. Or I’ll drown in imaginary paper. One of those.

Rather concerned looking clown balancing on a large rubber ball and uncertainly holding a frilly white umbrella.


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