All Writers Are Liars

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Me: I don’t really know how to write it… Actually I’m beginning to think that every book I write I’m going to start by saying, “Okay, I don’t do this but…”
Arkem: I was about to say.
Me: The last one turned out okay, though, right?

I don’t write thrillers. (But the first real book-like-thing I wrote was a thriller.)

I swore off writing science fiction as a teenager. (But Drink Me is science fiction.)

I write young adult fiction for the older age bracket. (But I just finished an adult novel, I’m suspiciously eyeing off a middle grade book, and the thing I just started to write? Yeah, I don’t even know, but I’m getting the feeling the protagonists are about fifteen.)

I write non-chronologically. (But I wrote Drink Me in a purely linear fashion.)

I’m usually thinking about the next book in the series or even the book after that. (But this story I just started? Pretty sure it’s a stand-alone.)

Text box that reads: Okay, okay we need a plot. Wait, no. No plot. That's the worst idea ever.

I’m a pantser not a plotter. (But right now… yeah. Not so much.)

I don’t know what I’m doing. (That one’s true.)


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