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I was wandering down State Street in Los Altos last week (mostly because there’s a diner there called Rick’s Cafe). Part of the street is closed at the moment, which the city seems to have taken as a cue to turn it into a playground with fake grass and toys and chalk for drawing on the pavements. It’s awesome.

It’s also the home of Linden Books, which is a brilliant bookstore filled with couches and puppets and games and feels more like a friendly kindergarten with an awful lot of books than a store. So naturally I felt right at home.

And I stumbled across this brilliant book. Press Here by Hervé Tullet.

I flipped open the front page:

A yellow circle sits in the centre of a white page. Black print advises: PRESS HERE AND TURN THE PAGE

So I did. Of course, I did. Then I turned the page.

A second yellow dot has joined the first. The text says: GREAT! NOW PRESS THE YELLOW DOT AGAIN.

It asked me to rub the dot on the left. Gently.

It asked me to tape the yellow dot. Then the red. Then the blue.

Three rows of dots. Red, then yellow, then blue. The text states: PERFECT. TRY SHAKING THE BOOK... JUST A LITTLE BIT.

This continued, with certain variations, until we came to a page that read:

A number of dots, red, blue and yellow are strewn untidily across the page. The text says: THERE. WELL DONE. NOW TILT THE PAGE TO THE LEFT... JUST TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

And did I do it? Yes, I did. I wanted to know what happened next.




I’m not going to spoil it for you. You should read it. Be carried away by the relentless, fast-paced action adventure.* And if you want to go nuts you can buy the app it inspired.**


* May be more of a risk for the under 4’s.

** Yes, the book came first.


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