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Last night I went to see CCR* play.

It was at the Mountain Winery in the Saratoga hills, which is an absolutely gorgeous venue. So much so that I sort of wanted to just stand around muttering, “Gee, it’s so pretty.” Instead I took dodgy photos with my phone while Arkem made remarks about how the band we were there to see started touring before we were born.**

View across the amphitheatre at night, with the lights of the city in the background.

When I mentioned that I was going to attend this concert a couple of months ago a few people asked me who CCR were and I told them, “You know their music. You might not realise that you do, but you know their music.” And then I’d hum Fortunate Son or Run Through the Jungle at them.***

I, of course, was properly educated. When I was a teenager our neighbours would sometimes come around and ask me to turn the music down and I would tell them, “It’s not me…”

CCR rock out on stage at dusk

My father (who is basically the same age as the guys I saw on stage last night) introduced me to a ridiculously broad range of music, including the drum beats that form the basis of my own favoured repertoire. And when he calls my phone the ringtone that sounds is a drum-heavy rendition of Old Time Rock and Roll.

I think he also gets the credit (or possibly the blame) for the volume at which I play my music when I’m working.


* Technically ‘Creedence Clearwater Revisited’ to be distinguished from the original line-up ‘Creedence Clearwater Revival’. Because the fact that ‘revival’ was the original band name is not at all confusing.

** We looked it up while waiting for them to go on. Turns out they finished touring before we were born. Hilarious.

***  Which, to be fair, usually didn’t help because I am terrible at humming songs in a recognisable way.


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