Blood For the Blood God

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Jeph Jacques is fun times.

Four panel anime comic. In the first one a boy looks over at a girl who is glaring angrily at a second girl. The thought bubble next to him reads: "My name is Shinji Murakami, and I'm in love." In the next panel he looks away, red-cheeked with embarrassment as the thought bubble reads: "I've never had the courage to talk to her, or even ask her name." Behind him the first girl pulls a knife on the second. The boy clenches his fist and looks determined. His thought bubble reads: "But today, i'm finally going to do it." Behind him the first girl stabs the second in the chest. In the final panel the boy has approached the girl. He says, "E-er... excuse me..." What is probably blood is spattered around the background and the girl holds blood-covered hands up to her face, grinning dementedly. She says, "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD."


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