Why Introduce Logic When Madness is More Interesting?

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I have this expression. I don’t know exactly what it looks like, but it must be fairly obvious, because sometimes I’ll be standing there listening to someone talk and all of a sudden they’ll pull themselves up short and say, “No. Not like that. Not literally.”

The thing is, I understand about context. I do. I have a fairly good grasp of reality. I know what the more likely explanation is going to be. I can recognise a metaphor when it’s being thrown in my direction. But the writer part of my brain doesn’t care.

That part of me is always thinking, Yeah, but what if it WAS like that? What if that was LITERALLY true? And then, apparently, I get an expression.

I am thinking of labelling that expression: This is where I get my plot ideas.

Two foxes are reading 'The Bourne Identity'. One of them says, "It says here that if we want to be like Jason Bourne, we need to go on the lam." In the next panel both foxes are dressed in blue t-shirts and black jacks and they are sitting on the back of a kneeling lamb.


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