Life After Google Reader

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I just — finally — got around to finding myself something to replace Google Reader. There was a brief beautiful moment where I zeroed out my feeds and you know, that sort of thing needs celebrating. I could have invented a new cocktail for the occasion but I decided instead that mind-searing admin work was the answer.

So I went out in the world and found a new reader. Okay, let’s be honest, I asked a friend who works at Google what all the Google-ites were replacing Reader with. (He said mostly News Blur and The Old Reader, maybe Feedly.)

So I looked upon them and News Blur and Feedly were flashy at me and promised to keep me updated. Everywhere I went! With shininess! And social networking! And a slew of mobile platforms! And pay us money for the excessive number of feeds you have!

But then I looked upon The Old Reader and it appeared almost suspiciously like Google Reader. And I decided it was good. The Old Reader logo

Accordingly I went forth, exported and imported my feeds. It took entire minutes.* But eventually green pacman** went away and there my feeds were. And it had alphabetised them. Which was just uncalled for. But in time I rearranged them and learned its secret ways. I even found out that it can count over a thousand. Which is cool. Google Reader had trouble with that.

It won’t give me the same level of statistical analysis but in all other ways so far it’s pretty decent. I mean, I object fundamentally because it’s not exactly the same. But it’s pretty much the same. It does all the things I really want it to except you know be Google Reader. Which I don’t think I can hold against it.

So. Not the end of the world. Thought you’d like to know.


* I am told I should not whine about this as in the days after Google Reader’s demise was announced it could take up to a week.

** For some reason he is the guardian of time a.k.a. the ‘wait’ symbol.


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