This is Why Critique is Important. Excellent For the Ego. No, Wait…

Posted on 26/04/2013 by


I wasn’t going to work this week. I was going to do admin stuff, nap, make cookies… It was the Week of Letting My Beta Readers Do Their Thing. And then on Saturday —

Me: I promised one of my beta readers a new chapter every time she emailed me with comments on the last. She’s read three today.
Jay D: Best write faster then =)
Me: It’s cool. I finished the book yesterday. …Hope she understands the deal only holds to the end of this book… *sudden concern*

She finished the whole book by six that evening. Then at six thirty my second beta emailed me.

Me: Your sister sent me an email that just says, Wizards?
Arkem: Tell her they died in a fire.
Gilli: Or of puppy zombies.
Arkem: Or malaria.

 Three hours later my intricate ‘hammock-lying, cookie-eating’ plan was demolished by the matching sets of feedback in my inbox.

Me: Caris says I’m wonderful and awesome and possibly the best person ever.
Rick: Must be true.
Me: That’s what I think.

I choose to believe this statement was entirely fair and unbiased and nothing to do with me providing her with the last two chapters when she thought they weren’t ready yet. Although the fact that she was that excited to get them fills me with unreasoning glee. And I can put off dealing with the admin stuff till after I finish the book and go on the trip and — okay, so I’m putting off things I should have done in January until September but that’s fine, it can wait, right? Oh god, I am never going to sleep again.