Writing. All Other Things in Flux.

Posted on 26/03/2013 by


I am this* close to finishing the first draft of Wizards. Which means I am writing at speed and to the exclusion of most other things, like sleeping, eating and interacting with other human beings.

Rick: How’s it going?
Me: Am awake. Writing. All other things in flux. Come to think of it, even consciousness is a bit of a gamble.

The downside to writing at this speed (and occasionally while not fully conscious) is that there are times when I only have the vaguest idea of what I’ve written. So I start the day reviewing the last few chapters (and scribbling all over them cause I’m not going to edit them right now).

Yesterday I reached the end and thought, “Hey, wasn’t there more of this?” And then while I was pondering that I flicked into the file I make notes in at night and, Oh. Yes. I wrote a whole nother chapter in my sleep.

Writer asleep over a book, quill still in hand, ink pot at the ready.

The upside of which is hey, new chapter! The downside is I have to check carefully to make sure i didn’t drivel off into ‘rhubarb fish button’ somewhere along the line. That happens sometimes.

Me: (Reading over what I wrote the previous night when I was meant to be sleeping) I am… weird in the night.
Rick: You’re not weird in the day?
Me: Not as weird, no.

This time I was lucky. No ‘bubblesqueak penguin hunter’. Of course I did discover I had accidentally written the same action sequence twice. So I had to fix that. And I can’t remember the last time I slept properly. But that’s not unusual for me. And tomorrow I’m going to write a chapter from the perspective of someone who’s concussed so sleep deprivation can only be useful for that, right? Right?*


* Picture me crossing my fingers.