This is My Writing Tip for the Week: Jello Shots

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So I broke through the tricky transition part of the book last week. (Yay!) (And also, finally. Sucker took me a week to get right.) Which means that I am now on the sprint to the finish line. The part where I can see everything between here and the end and I just have to get it on the page.

That’s the fun bit.

The slightly less than fun part comes in the action sequences that the next chapter is filled with. Because I am… sometimes bad at those. In that I want to skip over them. Because I am a bad person. Or something. It’s probably just that fight scenes aren’t one of my favourite parts so I’m always tempted to rush straight by them.

In an effort not to irritate my readers by making them think, Gee, I wish I’d seen that I spent the weekend lying on the couch staring at the ceiling and planning the actiony bits out, occasionally using the boys as props: Stand like this. Okay, if I hit you like this where do your hands go? Which is probably more fun for me than for them. And then Rick gives me that, Are we enabling you? look and I feed him churro waffles* to distract him. It’s a good system.

This is my writing tip for the week: treats are excellent motivation. Especially bizarre and fascinating new invention treats such as churro waffles, avant-garde jello shots and potato gem nachos. Creativity belongs in all areas of your life. You know it to be true.

 Jello shots made in a cupcake tray in three different colours/flavours

* Me: So I don’t know how much attention you pay to the good parts of the internet, but John Scalzi has been talking for three days about churro waffles and I think we should make them. Because of reasons.
Rick: Yeah I saw a tweet. Didn’t see the content/context. But I’m agreeable.
Me: Deliciousness! Deliciousness is the context!