The Next Step in Human Evolution

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Chart showing the evolution of mankind from left to right, introducing one stage at a time. But after the homo sapiens stage there is a zombie, which thinks for a moment and then turns and attacks the trail of evolution. He kills the homo sapiens, eating his brains, and drags the corpse after him as he chases the rest, which run away after the caveman's spear has no effect.

Sometimes I wonder why we all seem so convinced that this is the next step. Perhaps it’s because so many people already look like zombies — shuffling feet, dead eyes… I read a story that was the vampire apocalypse the other day and to start with I had to keep reminding myself: vampires, not zombies. Because my brain just seemed to want to fill in the shuffling corpses in the landscape. It was weird.

From a story point of view I can see the appeal — they make brilliant low-rent villains. They can’t be reasoned with, so there’s no point to diplomacy; it’s kill or be killed so no one feels guilt. It’s like Earth: the First-Person Shooter. But from a life point of view… maybe it’s just that at this point us killing us seems so much more likely than anything else killing us. Or that the zombie is the preferable alternative to apocalypse by virus. Both have a human face, have an unstoppable, implacability, but a zombie can at least be fought, satisfyingly shot or decapitated, even if another zombie follows and the end is just as certain. Small victories on the way to certain doom.


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