Screaming Inarticulately at Inanimate Objects is a Valid Life Choice

Posted on 18/10/2012 by


Today is not going well so far. So I thought instead of yelling at you guys (who are probably innocent, well, innocent of this) I would go and yell at the ceiling. It’s not its fault either but it’s very stoic and probably won’t fall on me if it gets in a snit.

To distract you I offer you this terribly useful advice. Emphasis on the ‘terrible’.

Three panel comic, first is an adult speaking to a child. Adult says, "Shoot for the moon." Second panel zooms in further on the adult who say, "and if you miss". Third panel is zoomed in so only the eyes of the man are visible. He says, "You'll die horribly in space." And there is a tiny picture of an astronaut floating free in the reflection of the man's glasses.


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