Finishing the Book

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I know what you’re thinking, Didn’t she finish the book like three weeks ago? This is where the ‘for certain values of’ comes in.* I finished the complete new draft a few weeks ago. Yesterday I finished the rework-the-new-sections-to-make-sure-they-don’t-suck part. Now I’m doing the go-through-the-dear-god-how-many-change-notes-did-I-make? part.

You may notice the slight level of panic in that. I knew I’d made a few notes I should deal with before I passed this draft on to my beta readers, but when I pulled them up there were pages of them.* I was promptly filled with a feeling of dismay and ennui. Which is ridiculous. But, you know, I am a ridiculous person.

And when I started actually dealing with them I realised they were mostly minor fix requests of the rewrite this line, cut this bit, word duplication variety. Mostly.

Me: I have a note on this piece of text that says, Rewrite this to make it clearer. And I’m looking at it thinking, What’s not clear about that? Which is a little worrying.
Arkem: At least that’s better than the reverse. Looking at it and thinking, I have no idea what this says.**

A lot of these notes were made when I was working in the middle of the night and I couldn’t quite face being competent so I just left messages for myself about things I should do when my brain was back online. This is my explanation for why some of them are surprisingly abstract.

Screen shot of Scrivener comment bar that reads: There are squirrels.

My favourite so far though is, Cut on account of not really true. Technically I guess that could apply to the entire novel…

Aaand the comment on the last line of chapter four is, What is this even? That’s very reassuring. I TOTALLY KNOW WHAT I’M DOING. And I am going to do it now. Going…


* Well, okay, the screen I look at them on is about two inches wide so ‘pages’ is not as scary as all that. Still.

** I have actually done that before. I came back to something for the second draft and was halfway through reading the scene before I remembered the point I was trying to make. That’s like a neon flashing REWRITE ME sign. And is where having time between your first and second draft is invaluable.