Music to Depress the Savage Beast

Posted on 09/07/2012 by


So for reasons of… well, me being slightly confused at times, yesterday I was writing Path to the soundtrack I have for Wizards. On at least two occasions when I became aware of the commentary the music was making about what I was writing I giggled hard enough to dislodge my laptop, but a rather disturbing amount of the time the music was… appropriate? Or at least, highlighting the tone of what I was writing in an interesting way.

And at least Paul was happier. He’s gotten used to the Wizards soundtrack, which is quite upbeat. The other day when I was going through one of the angstier parts of Path he came in and made a sad face at me and told him I was depressing the hell out of him with the tuneage. Fair enough, really, as I’d been choosing songs specifically for their sense of impending doom — all running out of time and darkness and fear and loss of control and horror and guilt. Basically all the things I wanted to be in this part of the book. So, yes, horribly depressing. Not that the whole book is like that, it’s… Nevermind. Spoilers. Forget I said that.

Inappropriate music. Yes.

I was grinning while running at the gym once. (Which is apparently a little worrying to others.) And the guy on the treadmill next to me, who I’d seen staring at me when I was running to a syncopated beat asked what I was listening to that was causing that expression. So we traded iPods. He started running, got about a bar in… and snickered and fell off the treadmill.

Never let it be said that my playlists are not ridiculous.