This Is What Finished Looks Like*

Posted on 05/07/2012 by


So on… Monday? Was probably Monday. I finished the current draft of book two of Path. Which is brilliant because I have been so close for like two weeks, I kept making progress only to have the finish line move. Something would happen and I would have to rewrite something or there would be a scene I’d forgotten about and… anyway. Finished. Finished!*

About a third of the book is brand new material that I haven’t shown anyone yet. (That’s the next step.) So before I do that I’m quickly running back through all the new parts to make sure I haven’t introduced horrific continuity errors or veered wildly in tone or… I don’t know, other horrible things I haven’t thought of yet.

I was also a little afraid that the new sections might read a bit first-drafty and need serious editing to bring them up to standard. So far though they’ve needed only the lightest touch and I am knocking them down like they’re really unstable dominos. It’s awesome.

Better yet, because these sections are all new I’m not that familiar with them and I’ve have time to forget parts of what I’ve written, which allows me to be terribly impressed with myself on rereading. More so when my own jokes make me smile, less so when I realise I’ve somehow managed to write the word ‘that’ with only one ’t’.

So basically… I’m getting progressively sicker, haven’t slept, forgot to get dressed entirely, can’t remember if or what I ate (bad sign) but I finished writing all of the words. ALL OF THEM.

It was a good day.


* Okay, no, the book isn’t finished, just the draft. This is the first complete draft of the book in its new form (as the second book as opposed to the latter half of the first book). …You know, that never gets any easier to understand no matter how many times I say it.