Don’t Ask

Posted on 02/07/2012 by


Trying to write this series synopsis is making me itch to write the fourth book. Because there are things I don’t know — about how the structure is going to work, about how the subplots are going to break down… I mean, I know what happens in the largest sense, but that’s like saying I know what’s going to happen in the next Batman movie: Batman wins. That’s not exactly the same as having a grasp on the plot.

Actually, that’s a terrible example. Because the plot I’ve got covered. Some of the details are problematic but I can tell you what happens in the fourth and fifth book. Except don’t ask. I may have accidentally violently spoilered my mother at the weekend because she asked a question and I was trying to explain and I ended up…  yeah, not good.

Me: I was sick. And complained about that. And discovered a temporary cure that… you don’t want to know about. And Rick did helpful things while I mumbled, My head hurts too much to care. So my whole ‘catch up on the admin stuff at the weekend’ went wholly out the window. Which is unfortunate.
Arkem: It’s a measure of the esteem I hold you in that when you say I don’t want to know about something I trust you. I have to say though it’s a close thing, my curiosity is a powerful force.
Me: I am glad you trust me. It’s for the best. Otherwise you might ask. And then I might tell you. And then where would we be?
Arkem: I don’t know but I have to assume somewhere bad.
Me: Is what I’m thinking.

I keep forgetting who I’ve told what, who’s already read which parts and who I should not even be talking near. I started ranting about one of Tamora Pierce’s books the other day and Rick panicked momentarily because he thought I was talking about my book and giving stuff away. (Which was actually not an unreasonable belief as I did somewhat spoiler book two for him that way. I just get excited and there’s hand waving and ranting and… yeah.)

So I guess in order to stop that happening I’m going to start being more paranoid, looking over my shoulder, and muttering to myself. Because that will not at all increase the number of people that thing I’ve entirely lost my mind. And I in no way do that already.