The Kraken Might Be Arriving Today*

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I woke up with a headache this morning — which, let me tell you, is a terrible way to start your day — so I’m going to beat my head against the wall until it feels better. Or something. Don’t look at me like that. It should work. I mean, it’ll hurt less when I stop…

I was going to talk about exciting things with music but I can’t face thinking about the drums right now, so maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, I’d like to share this story with you. It makes me giggle. Partly because it’s a good story. Partly because it’s Neil Gaiman and I think he’s awesome and I love the way that he has a ‘I am telling a story’ voice that he always uses when he’s… telling a story. Wow, I need to get rid of my headache, I couldn’t think of a synonym for that at all.

My mother has a particular storytelling voice too. So I was smiling at that as I listened and then Neil started to explain about lateness. About, in fact, the epic and spectacular lateness of his family. And I thought, Oh. And then I smiled some more. Because that’s my dad all over.

If you think any part of Neil’s story may be exaggeration, I feel I should point out that when I was five my father once forgot to pick me up from school entirely. And when I was a teenager my parents went on holiday to the other side of the country without telling me. They were sure they had but somehow… They still attempt to deny it to this day, but the first I heard of it was when they called to tell me they got in safely…


* This title is related to nothing except that these were among the first words Rick said to me today. After consideration, and applying context, that sentence does actually make sense and exists more in terms of notification than as a warning of some kind of B-grade monster film springing to life… but for a moment I just thought, Oh good, at least that’ll get rid of my headache.

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