Apple Nerds Rejoice for Waldo Has Been Found and the Deep Fried Mars Bar is No More

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I spent yesterday flummoxing Apple geeks*. Which is a bit of fun. I recommend it if you’ve got an afternoon free and a way for taking your computers off the deep end.

I told them what was going on and they were following along right up until I said, And then it said the hard drive was locked and I said: I have no response to that. They tried to cover their, WTF? and set about doing the things they do. It was funny cause the guy I was working with kept saying, “That’ll sort it… wait, what is it doing?” And eventually he called the next geek up the hierarchy and he came and prodded it, noted in passing that the hard drive was corrupted, fixed that, said, “That’ll sort it… wait, what is it doing?”

I did not laugh at that time. Although I may have… snickered. Quietly.

Me: In some desperation, they asked if I’d spilled anything on it, and I thought, Tipped tequila on the other one***, but no… Decided not to say that. Wouldn’t be helpful. They were kind of tearing their hair out, trying to figure it out, all, ‘Did you pour coffee on this?’.
Rick: You should have said, No, should we try that?
Me: Nah, they were all traumatised at that point being unable to figure it out. That would have been mean.

Eventually they took Pan into the back room where they could talk to him privately. Maybe lean on him a little. Get him to give up his secrets.

I had some qualms about them torturing Pan to achieve their ends but while they were gone one of the free range Apple Genius’s came and admired my Dodo Case and I read another couple of Sherlock Holmes stories, so it wasn’t all bad.

And eventually they returned, wreathed in smiles:

Apple Guy: It’s like we’ve been staring at a ‘Where’s Waldo’ picture for the last hour and then all of a sudden: there’s Waldo!

Apparently my RAM was behaving more like a deep fried mars bar — great, in theory. Also, turns out if your RAM is failing to… well, be RAM, this can have a detrimental effect on your hard drive. Which might be what’s been causing all the problems for the last few months.

So. Having by this point basically eviscerated Pan (and incidentally replaced the power cable which melted***), he is, theoretically, all better. Everyone cheer. Now I can get back to whatever it is I was supposed to be doing yesterday. (Well, after I reinstall, rebuild and reorganise Pan until he remembers who he is…)


* I know they’re supposed to be called ‘geniuses’ but I feel that’s a judgement call I’m not prepared to make. They’ve always been nice and filled with knowledge and all, but let’s face it — Pan’s had laptop cancer or whatever since November and they’ve only just (maybe finally this time?) actually fixed him.

** Oddly, tequila seems to not have had an adverse affect on Space Turtle. So chalk one up for alcohol…

*** That’s actually the second time my laptop’s caught on fire. Well, not this one. Last time it was Space Turtle and I actually saw the flames, this time it was Pan and the power cable just… kinda melted. Still. My point is, when they say, That never happens the surprise might be genuine but never is an exaggeration.


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