I Only Have THIS Much Attention to Offer You. Delight Me.

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So there’s this thing I do when I watch TV where I find myself picking up my laptop, without even thinking about it, and doing research. It’s a habit I developed during my thesis, I think. I didn’t have time to do anything, so when I did take a break I’d find myself compulsively using that moment to also check my email or deal with my admin chores.

And it’s fine. It is. These days I usually knock over the admin stuff fairly quickly and then end up doing random research prompted by… well whatever’s in my head at the time. Or I start writing. Sometimes it takes me days to watch something because I’ll pause if I realise I’ve completely stopped paying attention to what’s on the screen.

It’s a great way to get through B-grade films and TV shows. It’s a terrible way to watch anything of actual quality. When I know I’m going to watch something good I sometimes deliberately put the laptop out of reach and sit on my hands. It doesn’t always work, but I like to at least pretend I’m trying.

The other end of the spectrum, the one I’m always waiting for, however, is where it goes the other way. Where I start to watch something with half my attention and my hands on the keyboard and I look up two hours later to realise I’m hugging the closed laptop to my chest, eyes glued to the screen.

That’s a good day. Something really worth watching.


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