Dreams Are Illustrations From the Book Your Soul is Writing About You*

Posted on 13/04/2012 by


My head is in the dark place again. I can’t quite figure out if it’s because I’m working on the second Path book or it’s why I’m working on the second Path book. Either way, I found myself in a dazed moment yesterday morning recasting a number of people I know as villains.

I am pretty good at holding multiple worlds in my head but when Rick came home unexpectedly early in the afternoon I had to resist the urge to handcuff him, or pull a gun on him or something. I don’t have a gun, so that helped. Also, the fact that it was insane. But the thought crossed my mind.

I think I need more sleep. My doctor gave me two kinds of antibiotics today. If I pair them with painkillers I could have a little party and then drop unconscious. But I probably shouldn’t. Rick is sick too.

Me: He’s supposed to be sleeping.
Paul S: You might want to check on that.
Me: I’m not worried. I’ve been drugging him pretty constantly.**

If we’re both down for the count Paul will be left alone to defend us from the evil corporate ninja assassins when they attack.

Not that that’s likely. Because Rick is not in the mob. And Paul isn’t a hitman. And I’m not an undercover agent.***

I’m not quite sure why my head has gone to pulp thrillers and noir period dramas when I’m writing fantasy. Maybe because the double-crossing, backstabbing and mood of general betrayal fits those so well. Or maybe it’s because I haven’t slept properly since Monday and I’ve lost my grip on reality. One of those.


* Marsha Norman

** This quote courtesy of Paul S, who thought it was very important that I share this on the internet.

*** Also none of us are holding anyone hostage. Just in case that wasn’t clear.