Two’s Company, Three’s the Musketeers. Love All, Trust Me.

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I’m not sure I’m ready for it to be Monday. In case you’re feeling the same I thought I’d share some distractions with you.

This is Shakespeare or Batman? You would think that the difference between these two illustrious personages was dramatic enough that one could not readily be mistaken for the other. Turns out, not so much. I can pick correctly for all the texts I’ve read but for the ones I haven’t… my score is a lot dodgier.

Still bored? Try the Gwigle Game. It’s like reverse googling. If you see the results, can you figure out what’s been searched for? This claims to be educational so I suppose the search term is never going to turn out to be ‘naked guitar riffs’ or ‘camel smoking on a rooftop’ but I think the ones they did choose are funny in their own way.

And Proverb Completions is funny for anyone, but is an excellent illustration for writers that  clichés don’t always have to be what they look like.


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