How the Apocalypse Happens

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Paul S: Are you still looking for good names?
Me: I am always looking for names. I have a collection. I chloroform them and pin them to the wall and cackle with glee.
Paul S: Hopefully they “go to sleep and never wake” from the chloroform — rather than wake up pinned to a collection board — that might be a little traumatic
Me: Yes. I’m sure that’s what happens. I do not sit up nights listening to them scream.
Paul S: That would explain the not sleeping thing — you haven’t had many names recently so you keep on jerking awake because you don’t have that comforting “screams of the Damned” to keep you snoozing.
Me: You may have a point. Perhaps I should start torturing people before bed. Then they can whimper through the night, lulling me back to sleep.

The other day I had a dream that Rick was trying to stop me killing this incredibly stupid person who had hurt my friend. But then it turned out she was a zombie and Rick let me burn her down. I woke up with this vague wish that all stupid people were zombies. Then you could just kill them. Except then I realised there’s probably more of them, so they’d overrun us. And then I thought, Oh. What if that’s how the apocalypse happens?

So… apparently I’m a psychopath when I’m sleepy. And I am going to have a nap now. Yes, I am.


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