I Might Have Accidentally Sold My Soul, But That Doesn’t Mean There’s No Room to Negotiate

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It is like the ninth day of the year and I am already behind. This is ridiculous. (Certain people have said that in fact I am ridiculous and that ‘behind’ is a word I have created to define my own ludicrous theories about where I should be. It’s not that I disagree per se. I mean on the scale of ‘work put in’ I’m fine. It’s the whole ‘what I want to have accomplished’ that doesn’t look quite the way I want it to.)

Also it’s not crazy to spend the last two days of your holiday clearing the decks of all the admin crap that piles up over the holiday so you can start fresh on Monday morning. It’s also not at all ridiculous to work the weekend before you officially start work in order to get that done after you actually spend those two days rebuilding your computer from scratch.

I’m just saying.

And imagine how much more work I’ll be able to get done if my computer doesn’t surprise reboot.

It’s not like I was doing anything with that weekend anyway. Being able to type a paragraph without having to wait for the cache to catch up is totally worth spending two days crawling around in Pan’s entrails. And so what if I ended up installing things in the middle of the night, wildly clicking acceptance to terms and conditions and applying passwords with a sense of abandon? I mean, once you wipe the memory of a dear friend, what’s the worst that can happen? It’s not like he’s in there anymore. I just hope I didn’t accidentally sell my soul along the way. I need that for stuff. Like trading for cookies.

Arkem: So how’s Pan feeling?
Me: Better. At the moment. Oddly sleek and zippy.
Arkem: Like your face?
Me: I get the feeling he’s looking over his shoulder at me saying, ‘Check me out? Aren’t I sexy?’. Not like my face.
Arkem: Oh. Okay.
Me: My face is neither sleek nor zippy.
Arkem: Just checking.
Me: But I haven’t put office back on yet.
Arkem: On your face?
Me: thbbtt

See? I am a very serious person who has deep and meaningful conversations about important things who wouldn’t ever (deliberately) sell their soul for paltry computing related favours. I can’t imagine what would make anyone think I am ridiculous.


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