It’s Not Just Doctor Who That Worships the British

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So today I’ve decided to give the BBC all my love. Paul sat me down to watch the pilot of something last week over lunch and the BBC logo came up on the screen and I instantly went, Aw. And sat forward in my seat. Because I have expectations I do. Although I hadn’t realised they were quite so Pavlovian.*

BBC logo, essentially white letters on a black background

It’s not like everything BBC is perfect. I don’t think, Oh, the BBC, automatic pass. But I pay attention. They get the benefit of a fairly hefty amount of doubt. Whereas a lot of US networks receive a fairly hefty amount of cynicism from me whenever they present a new idea.

I mean, the first thing that crossed my mind when I heard CBS had this brilliant idea to do a modern remake of Sherlock was, Well that’s going to be rubbish. Although to be be fair that’s not all CBS. A big part of that is that they’re taking a great idea that’s already been done and walking all over it. Sounds like a recipe for a train wreck.

I have yet to see an American remake of a BBC production that’s worth the time, but in this case… I mean, Sherlock Holmes? He’s like made of London. How American is it even possible to make him? Actually not sure I really want to know the answer to that. (Although, now I sort of want it to be so terrible I can watch it and throw things at the screen. Is that wrong?)


* For the interested it was The Fades, and it’s sort of about ghosts. It’s mostly interesting because it’s a BBC production which means they took the idea and wandered off with it. Not sure if it’s going to good or not but there is one character that had me snickering throughout — gifted at saying the ridiculous thing and making movie references in every situation. No, seriously. Every situation.


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