We Can’t Be Friends Until I Make You Laugh

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I have this seesaw in my head. And everything I’m about to say has to cross the seesaw. To do so it has to answer a question. And the question isn’t: Is this a good idea? or Am I going to upset someone? It’s not: Is this completely idiotic? or even Does this make the slightest bit of sense? The only bar it has to pass to get out my mouth is: More funny or more terrible?

If it’s on the ‘funny’ side of the seesaw it gets said. Generally speaking ‘terrible’ takes care of ‘bad idea’, ‘upset someone’ and some of the time ‘idiotic’. But the rest of ‘idiotic’ and ‘utterly without sense’ lands on the side of funny. And sometimes… well, sometimes the review portion of my brain says: That’s terrible. And mean. And an awful, awful pun and you don’t even like puns. And that’s one of your best friends right there. But the seesaw is already tipping because it’s so funny. And it falls out my mouth while I watch in fascinated horror like it’s a traffic accident in slow motion. And I can only hope the balance of the seesaw is in the right place so that when the moment of appalled silence passes they’ll laugh instead of trying to brain me with a tennis racket, or whatever’s handy.

I think a lot of comedians have their seesaw in the wrong place. Also the people who make cringe humour movies.

But then I start to wonder if maybe for some people the seesaw isn’t between humour and terrible, maybe it’s between smart and dumb or something. Maybe they walk around sounding all intelligent and suave and inside their head they’re making these stupid, awful jokes and desperately trying not to snicker. And then I just want to make every dorky joke I can think of to try to break that self-control.

Show me your goofy side. Let me love you. We can’t be friends until I make you laugh.


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