Monday Blurb: Playing the Dragon King

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Yet another of my novels in a various state of drafting (1.5th in this case.) This one came from a simple decision to try and write a YA novel, and while I thought I’d gone off track a bit, I’ve been told it’s a great example of a problem novel.

While my Mum won’t read it (it is a little risque right from the start…), I have tried it out in various states of self-disclosure with writers and uni groups–just goes to show you that I have surprisingly less modesty than I would have otherwise figured!


Playing the Dragon King

When Andy loses his virginity to another guy, he feels as if something inside him has changed. Whatever drove him then feels as if it’s come from outside. Now the desire won’t leave. He dreams of the creature that’s woken: he dreams he’s become the reincarnation of the immortal Dragon king.

Who can he share this with? He can’t tell anyone the way he feels, not his family or his friends at school. He can’t trust them—his friends would only make fun of him.

Instead he retreats online. And meets Davan, a young man who claims to be a sorcerer. He says he understands when Andy tells him he has a dragon living inside. Encouraged, Andy begins a relationship with Davan.

Together they go out and Andy begins to really believe in the dragon, and the two pretend to the royal throne of the gay clubbing scene. As he falls further in, Andy pulls himself away from everyone else. He lives in the fantasy of Dragon King and sorcerer, but what does he actually want?

When his life starts to break apart, Andy has to decide. Even if the magic is true, does he really wish to believe in it?

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