Monday Blurb: The Miracle

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Of course you’ve already seen some of this work, now I thought it’d be a good idea to set the scene of the whole novel.

The Miracle has been with me a long time, when as a sixteen year old I decided to invent an eighty year old superhero as my ‘signature’ character. There were three of us who worked at co-creating a superhero universe (based a great deal on the DCU.) My two friends had invented their own characters as a lens to see the world, I needed my own. Why the Miracle? I truly don’t know!

Since then, however, I worked on that seed through my early twenties, and this is the blurb for the first novel I’ve completed.

What do we all think?


Retired superhero Matthew mourns the loss of his elderly wife Mary. Having spent the last months of her life frightened after a violent robbery, Matthew now wonders if he should ever have stopped being a hero. Could he have saved her? Had he ever done enough; for her, or for anyone? But the danger of being a hero always stood in the way of his being with their family–then again, so had the secret of his past life, hidden from their children.

Has he lost everything? His parents and family long ago in the War, and now Mary—yes—but his life? The trust of his children? As the kids come to be with him in his need, Matthew decides he must try to complete what he started. He cannot fear the consequences.

Now he knows that it’s not enough to walk away from his costume, or to protect his children by lying to them. He must return to the city he once protected, must do his duty and make amends to Mary, whilst trying the be the father he always could have been. Now he knows, he has to make these two lives fit together.

But as Matthew begins to realise what it was he that left behind, he learns that just as heroes return, so too can villains. Now Matthew, as The Miracle, must learn how to fight and save the city, whilst saving his relationship with his estranged children.

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