This Comes Under the Category: Science = Hilarious

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So according to this article I have gay fingers? And according to this one drinking could fuel me to previously unforeseen creative heights. And according to this one Fight Club’s Jack is really Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes.

This comes under the category: science = hilarious. Along with ‘the cosmos tastes like raspberries and smells like rum’.

While there’s a level of science behind all of them: experimental, theoretical or psychological it’s looks like the sort of science where someone’s thought, that would be cool and then just went with it. And it doesn’t make no sense, it makes slightly left of sense. And there’s certain supporting evidence. And no one’s disproved it yet.

And as long as that continues to be the case it’s just as valid as any other scientific theory. Which… I’m back at hilarious. Because every one of those strikes me as a bit post hoc ergo propter hoc (the thing therefore because of the thing). Like, if your fingers are like this then you have a tendency towards being a lesbian, if you’re brilliantly creative and you drink, maybe it’s because of the drink, the fact that you can draw parallels between the two characters means that Calvin is a very messed up kid.

A squid flies above a grass field. A caption as from a news site below reads: 'Freaking News. Polluted oceans cause squid to grow lungs and develop the ability to fly. Science quits.'

Which isn’t to say they’re wrong. Just that journalists do like to sensationalise theories. Also, the internet is weird. Which is not news. But it makes me laugh because I am very sleepy. So I’m going to nap now and cuddle my teddy bear and dream about raspberry flavoured rum.


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