Cleverly Disguised As Daleks

Posted on 29/08/2011 by


Yesterday was Doctor Who day (a.k.a. the day the new season comes back on the air) and I had to tiptoe around the internet to avoid getting any of the fangasm it was having on me *ahem* I mean, to avoid getting spoilered.

I love that I know people in the internet world who get excited about the same things as me but it does make it tricky if your real world life gets behind schedule. At least in real life you can clap your hands over their mouth or stick your fingers in your ears. That’s much more difficult with the internet. Unless you avoid it all together.

…which… no… that would be…

My head doesn’t like that plan.

I won’t tell you about it (because I’m nice) but the episode was good. And they did the joke again. You know the one. And I don’t know why but every single time they do that joke it’s hilarious. (Well, I think it is. I admit the possibility that my brains have been a little scrambled.) But I will report this conversation:

Me: The second to last episode is all traumatic, but the last episode is hilarious. …As well as traumatic. Because everyone dies. But in a funny way. Cause there are clowns.
Paul: Clowns aren’t funny.

Oh don’t cry so much. That was about season four. Also it was a lie. There aren’t any clowns in season four either. Unless they’re cleverly disguised as daleks…

Girl wearing a dress to make her look like a dalek and holding an 'exterminate' sign