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Jared: Ok next question – what’s the current Squid House phone number?
Me: Oh god. I started to type it and then I forgot. 9### ####? maybe?
Jared: lol
Me: No! It’s an 8. 9###### (I looked it up in my phone)
Jared: Um. That’s 7 numbers.
Jared: Oh, 9### ####?
Me: Yes. That.

So apparently I am an idiot. Nobody is surprised. You would think I’d remember my own phone number. But then, you’d think I’d remember to have lunch too and this week it’s been 50/50 at best.

So here, other people being intelligent, awesome or otherwise brilliant.

1) This guy I know next to nothing about but he sent me a link to his song Twitter Me Gently and it made me laugh, so maybe it will make you laugh too. And there’s a bunch of other music on his site too.

2) Max Barry who is probably best known for his online game Nation States (in the same way Scalzi is best known for taping bacon to his cat). He also writes books.

Okay, that should be the other way around. He’s the author of a number of books like Jennifer Government and Company. He also wrote a game called Nation States to promote Jennifer Government. And it makes me snicker.

And that’s not even what I like best about him (although the ability to make me snicker is one of my favourite things in other people). He writes this blog. Which basically just keeps his fans updated on the progress and publication of his books, and talks about how they’re making Syrup into a movie, and a few other things like dogs and smurfs.

And because I’m a litte bit OCD when I started reading his blog I went back and read through the archives. (I do this with most things I read. This is also why when people hear me giggling in the other room and they ask me what’s so funny the answer is often something like, ‘Neil Gaiman was funny eight years ago’.)

And what struck me about Barry’s blog wasn’t the stuff about writing (although it’s interesting) or the publication and movie-making related trivia (entertaining and depressing by turns) it was how knocked out he is by his kids.

He doesn’t spend an enormous amount of time talking about his family life and yet it comes through so clearly. This guy adores his family. He is fascinated, mesmerised, delighted, and downright stunned by the awesomeness of his children. Which is just really nice to watch.

3) I am a little bit in love with Justine Larbalestier right now purely because she swears to Elvis. She also writes well — lower age-group YA fiction like How to Ditch Your Fairy and Liar. If I was still ten I think I’d be in love with her books too. So if you’re ten… you know where I’m going with this.

4) You should all love this right now. The awesome jazz piano stylings of Gavin Nicklette. You can listen to a sampler of tunes in the info section. Fly Me to the Moon is cool, but my favourite is Over the Rainbow.

That is all. Go be amazed by other people. I will sit here quietly and try not to chew on my shoelaces or anything.


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