Delusions of Godhood

Posted on 25/08/2011 by


My brain is a little delinquent at the moment cause I’ve been doing that writing-from-breakfast-to-bedtime thing again this week. And I’ve developed this really fun headache, so maybe I should stop. On the other hand, yesterday I think the writing was at least in part avoiding the headache. For some reason when I’m lost in the writing I don’t notice the pain. Which is a thing. Not totally sure about the good or the bad of it.

I mean, I love that sometimes I don’t notice I’m ill or having a pounding headache until I get up for water. Not noticing is a definite plus. But I think my writing is less funny and more sarcastic when I’m in pain. Which is fine if I’m writing drama or whatever but… just because I described what I was writing at the moment as an entirely bizarre version of Shakespearean tragedy is no reason for my characters to get all bitter and angsty all over the place. That only leads to trouble.

Paul: Another writer who has delusions of godhood.
Me: Delusions? We create worlds. We manipulate the fates of people. We are gods. That’s not delusion that’s reality.

And when your god is in pain things aren’t likely to end well.