Who Says I Can’t Live In A Fantasy World? I Work In One…

Posted on 04/08/2011 by


I think my card game is trying to teach me something. Something along the lines of: winning at solitaire will not make an agent call me.
I really need to disassociate the two things in my mind; otherwise the outlook is grim. Then again, maybe that’s just my currently pessimistic, gloom-flavoured interpretation.
I have been losing aggressively. But I’ve still won once or twice. And that’s all I need, right? Just one agent to love me? As long as it’s the right one

Me: In happy-fluffy-candy-land my favourite agent loves my work, turns out to be brilliant to work with, just what I wanted and we live happily ever after. Happy-fluffy-candy-land is a nice place. It’s where I planned our trip last year.
Arkem: And that turned out very well
Me: Is what I’m saying.

Who says I can’t live in a fantasy world? I work in one…