Two Writers, Both Alike in Dignity — Not Much. Together, They Fight Crime.

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The more attentive amongst you will have noticed that this website is run by two people. (Although Paul doesn’t post very much because he’s stinky. Or it could be that whole ‘finishing his doctorate’ thing. One of those.) In addition to being friends and co-website owners we’re also superheroes. (Okay, not really.) We fight crime. (This is also a lie.*)

Paul M: Crumbs, K.M.!

We meet up for pancakes (okay, look, usually we go to this pancake restaurant and… order things that aren’t pancakes, but that’s still — shut up). And pancakes a.k.a. lunch blends into coffee (only not really coffee in my case cause I can’t persuade my taste buds that it’s edible).

Paul M: Well at least it’s not a table.
Me: It’s not as bad as it could be.
Paul M: Really that’s the best thing you can say about life, really.
Me: It’s not a table?

And somewhere in the middle we usually wander around to every book store, second hand book store and comic book store in walking distance (sometimes also the library but they have a thing about noise and food that is not particularly compatible with our crime fighting ways).

We bounce ideas of each other, edit each other’s work, give feedback, ask questions, steal each other’s fries… you know — we fight crime.

Paul M: Am I getting too far down the rabbit hole?
Me: Yeah, but I respect that.

So that’s what I’ll be doing on my last work day of this year. And if you’re a writer of some sort I totally recommend finding yourself a crime-fighting buddy. Even if you don’t do it the way we do (there’s lots of ways to do crime) it’s incredibly useful to have someone to help you figure out how to hide the body.


* Although it’s something I say a lot and nobody questions it. Actually, even when people ask what I’m up to and I simply tell them, Crime the most I get is a raised eyebrow. I don’t know what that says about them. Or about me. But it’s interesting.


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