Just Because it Would Be Ludicrous and Impractical is No Reason to Dismiss it Out of Hand

Posted on 20/08/2011 by


So I’m writing this thing and I totally want people to read it. To find out if I am, in fact, brilliant. Or just humorously deluded. But when I think about actually showing what I’m working on to someone my brain goes, “Yes, but not yet… I need to do this thing first. And that thing. And… that other thing.”

So I’m looking at it, trying to figure out when ‘yet’ happens and I’ll be able to hand it over to someone and I find myself thinking instead, “Ohhh, I should this…” And then I end up writing in the middle of the night again.

So I’m wandering around in the dark, lighted only by the glow of my laptop screen, on the high of some great insight into the story, thinking, “I’m brilliant. Did you see that? Brilliant! And hilarious!” And everyone’s like ‘la la la’. Or, you know, they’re sleeping.

I don’t know. How come the rest of the world doesn’t operate on my time frame? Just because it would be ludicrous and impractical is no reason to dismiss it out of hand…

Even if Paul has started greeting me in the morning with laughter and the question: “Out of interest, how much sleep did you get?” …and then he starts telling me about the most disgusting potential origin for an apocalypse ever. (Don’t let him do this. Trust me.)

Also, apparently I keep track of the days like a very small child and if I don’t sleep the next day doesn’t actually happen. By which I mean, Friday took me completely be surprise today — the whole weekend did. Did you know it was Friday today? All day! Friday! Happening all over the place!

It was quite disorienting. But now… there is something very restful about the idea that this whole weekend thing has a tomorrow where there’s nothing I have to do. Just think about the glorious possibilities — naps, for instance.

Although I may have made a plan today to use some of it making alcohol.* Also… you know I’m going to at least spend the morning writing because… oh shut up, no I don’t have a sensible reason. Because there’s a wizard in the back of my head right now laughing uproariously. You know, like they do. Perhaps I will see if I can get him drunk. That might shut him up. At least for a while.


* Er, that is, brewing alcohol? No, that can’t be right. Cooking alcohol? Creatertating mulled wine, in any case. Cause we had some at a party last week and now I want more.