Ambiguity is My Jam, But I Didn’t Mean it Like THAT…

Posted on 17/10/2013 by


I have a… problem isn’t the word, but it’s close. There’s this thing anyway with Drink Me where you can read it in a way that’s… not what I intended. I’ve been aware of it for a while now. And I don’t mind people reading it that way because honestly the idea of following that path is sort of appealing and I haven’t totally ruled it out. Which, you know, might have something to do with why it keeps sneaking in.

But I was reviewing this draft, looking at a scene that I thought was innocent in that respect. And I found myself thinking, You know what? You could read that a whole other way.

Now I’m wondering just how much of the book is like that. I mean, I’m usually very precise in my word choices. If I phrase something in a way that introduces ambiguity in meaning it’s usually because I want both interpretations to be available to the reader, either because they’re equally valid or because I want the reader to think about it. And I enjoy ambiguity, so I do it fairly regularly. So I expect there to be alternate interpretations to my work. I rather encourage it.

But this — I didn’t mean to put this in. And I’m just… my characters are meant to be in all kinds of denial but I’m not. I’m supposed to know what’s going on. And I’m not entirely sure I do.