Snark With Me (You Know You Want To)

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Have you ever written something in an email or online and wished there was a way to make it perfectly clear that you were being sarcastic? It possibly says something about how close friends I am with sarcasm that I actually pine for a way to do this. And the thing is, there’s actually a punctuation mark designed for this exact situation! (I know, you’re excited.) It’s called the snark. the snark looks like a cross between a reverse question mark and a letter 's'

Also called the Percontation Point and the Irony Mark, this one’s used to indicate that there’s another layer of meaning in a sentence. Usually a sarcastic or ironic one. So it is essentially a tool for smart people to use to make stupid people feel even stupider. Which makes it the best punctuation mark of all. — Jack Shepherd

In my ongoing mission to… punctuate things… Yeah, no, that’s not exciting. In my ongoing mission to be frivolously sarcastic at random… I present to you this delightful piece of punctuation. Go forth and… annoy people with it.

If you want to play with other punctuation marks that no one will understand and therefore are basically useless, this site will walk you through a few of them. Including the interrobang (probably the most familiar of the group) which they describe as, “the glorious punctuational equivalent of saying OMGWTF?!” Come on, how can you argue with that?


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